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  • 2017
    • February
      • Let It Go!
        At the most fundamental level, the chiropractic adjustment is an attempt help the body to: Let It Go.

    • January
      • Which way are you going?

        One of the miracles of being alive is that your body (or more correctly stated, what's running your body) is always working to make you a better version of yourself.

        Chiropractic helps to keep your nerve channels free of interference so life can be more fully expressed

      • The Longer I Do This...
        The longer I do this, the more I realize how important it is to keep the nerve channels as free from interference as possible. When regularly done, quality of life improves. This is the biggest secret in anti-aging and living your best life.

        Any alteration from optimal body function i

  • 2016
    • June
      • Great Quote!
        "The Stability we cannot find in the world we must create in ourselves"

        -Dr. Nathaniel Branden

    • May
      • A choice.
        "Subluxation is a locked-in alteration of optimal body structure and function. How long would you choose to walk around like that?"

        -Dr. Steven Sciame

  • 2015
    • October
      • A Nice Quote
        “The first to
        apologize is the bravest.
        The first to
        forgive is the strongest.
        The first to forget
        is the happiest.”


  • 2014
    • January
      • New Year, New You? Not Without a New Perspective!
        January has arrived already and it is the time of year when we find ourselves planning to make improvements in our lives especially in the areas around health and happiness. This is likely not the first time that you have made the decision to finally lose that extra weight and keep it off. Or perh

  • 2013
    • November
      • Brr!
        It had to arrive eventually! It looks like Chicago is experiencing its first cold snap of the season. The sudden change in temperature can result in you experiencing more subluxations. It is worth the effort to stay regular with your chiropractic adjustments during this busy and stressful time of

      • Annual Sauerkraut Event!
        Are you aware of how

        Healthy Bacteria

        protects your health?

        Do you ever:

        Experience chronic stress?
        Have an addictive feeling toward sweets?
        Eat processed foods?
        Take antibiotics?
        Struggle with Candida or C-diff?
        Experience consti

    • October
      • Control or Discover?
        One of the uniquenesses of chiropractic is the Above-Down-Inside-Out viewpoint. This refers to the understanding that life is an expression of an intelligence that constantly is attempting to keep an organism actively organized. Health is the result of this intelligence successfully adapting you t

    • September
      • Flu Shots!
        This year let us use the annual flu shot propaganda to remind us to take the necessary steps to be healthier.

        Make sure that you get plenty of sleep every night, drink filtered water, eat an abundance of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and learn to manage stress in a

    • August
      • Touchdown!!
        This past weekend, I scored a touchdown!! You may be wondering to yourself, "What does this have to do with chiropractic?"

        The purpose of chiropractic is to help the body adjust subluxations that are altering the expression of innate intelligence.

        Keeping your bo

      • Back To School!
        Prepare Your Family Tor The School Year
        The long, lazy days of summer are coming to an end and this is a great time of year to begin thinking about tweaking your health routine for the fall and winter. Here are some important health tips to place at the top of your back to school checklist to

    • April
      • Great Events!
        In addition to chiropractic, nutrition is another important aspect of health. Eating more fruits and vegetables to get the wide array of nutrients present in them can be a challenge.

        In this series of events, I am going to share with you a way to grow an abundance of fresh, healthful

    • March
      • How Long Do You Want Your Children To Remain Subluxated?
        If vertebral Subluxation limits not only your overall health expression, but also your potential to enjoy and benefit from every aspect of your life, then how long would you like to remain subluxated?

        How long do you think we should leave your children subluxated?

    • February
      • ...In the snow, up hill, both ways...
        People are often shocked when they find out that I walk to work.

        "Why don't you drive?"
        The truth is, I am very thankful that I live within a couple of miles of my practice. This is an opportunity for me to get the day started and ended with some healthy activity.

    • January
      • Exciting New Program - Grown For You!
        Grown For You!
        We here at Achievement Chiropractic of Park Ridge are proud to announce an exciting new program to help you reach your health goals. We are now renting out pods in our Tower Garden®! For those that don't know, Tower Garden® uses a unique vertical garden system that makes

  • 2012
    • December
      • Stay Balanced This Holiday Season!
        One of the most important and overlooked ways to keep yourself better balanced during the Holiday Season is to stay well adjusted! Since subluxation anchors your nervous system into old patterns and limits the range of change you are able to handle, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed and not

      • Help Raise Money For Hurricane Sandy Victims By Attending Zumbathon!!

      • Special Event!!
        Are you aware of how
        Healthy Bacteria
        protects your health?

        Do you ever:

        Experience chronic stress?
        Have an addictive feeling toward sweets?
        Eat processed foods?
        Take antibiotics?
        Struggle with Candida or C-diff?
        Experience constipation or di

    • November
      • Saturday
        Getting your subluxations adjusted is a great way to unwind from the week and get the most out of your weekend. Stop in today between 9 and noon for a gentle, precise, and life enhancing Tonal Chiropractic adjustment.

        -Dr. Steven Sciame
        Park Ridge, IL

    • October
    • September
      • Not An Ordinary Walk...
        One of the best things you can do to get most out of your chiropractic experience is to regularly provide your body the motion it needs to keep all the parts working in harmony together. One of the most available ways to do this is to go for long daily walks.

        Walking helps because a body

      • Q & A: What can chiropractors cure?
        I am often asked to list the conditions that chiropractic can cure. This questions reveals quite a lot about where the person is coming from. Realizing this, I have to be extra careful of my answer in order to help them arrive an a usable understanding.

        Where should I begin?
        In ord

    • August
      • The Two Gifts...
        Over the last decade of taking care of people, I have only begun to realize the importance of chiropractic's two gifts to the world. These are the Above Down Inside Out viewpoint (A.D.I.O.) and the quality of life improvements experienced from regularly getting adjusted.

        What is so

      • Question
        What would your health experience be if you regularly got enough sleep, ate nutritious foods, exercised, managed stress properly, and got adjusted?

        What is stopping you from taking the necessary actions to express more of your health potential?

      • An Important Chiropractic Lesson From Watching My Garden...
        Many of you who have spent time with me know how excited I am about my new tower garden. What you might not expect to hear about is the wonderful chiropractic lesson that was right in front of me the whole time!

        Batten Down The Hatches...
        With the unpredictable stormy weather, limit

      • Why Should I Get Checked for Subluxation?
        From the very first moment of your life, you have had an ever vigilant innate (inborn) intelligence that has been monitoring your needs and adapting you to the environment. This intelligence communicates with all parts of your body through the nerve system.

        It is very common for the st

      • Tower Garden Update!
        Just a quick update since some of you have been asking. :-) Here is a recent picture of my Tower Garden

        As you can see, it has grown quite a lot over the last month or so, and the three varieties of kale are thriving even in the extreme heat.

        My balcony gets very l

    • July
      • Welcome to Achievement Chiropractic's New Blog!
        I am so excited and proud to announce the commencement of this new blog. Here you will find commentary about health, fitness, nutrition, and current events as it relates to Tonal Chiropractic. Feel free to visit often as I plan to update this blog at least weekly!

        Looking forward to get