Why Should I Get Checked for Subluxation?  
From the very first moment of your life, you have had an ever vigilant innate (inborn) intelligence that has been monitoring your needs and adapting you to the environment. This intelligence communicates with all parts of your body through the nerve system.

It is very common for the stresses and strains of everyday life to accumulate in the physical body. This simply means that, for any number of reasons, the body is, to some degree, unable to let go of the reactions that occurred during past stressful events. These "locked in" reactions partially anchor the function of the nerve system out of present time (into old reactive patterns that occurred in response to past stressful events). Locked out of present time, your ability to adapt to life's current challenges is less than what it would be if the free range of function of the nerve system was accessible.

Chiropractors have a name for this impaired state: Subluxation. When subluxation is locked into your body, the messages that your innate intelligence receives and attempts to transmit through the nerve system are altered. Altered perception of and altered response to life's challenges is the result of subluxation.

The job of the chiropractor is to check you for subluxation and make an adjustment if necessary. We do this because, based on logic, every human being is better off without subluxation. When adjusted, your innate intelligence is in better communication with your body, which makes you better able to deal with life's challenges on any level.

Since we are constantly bombarded by stress, it is important to regularly get checked for subluxation for the purpose of making sure that your innate intelligence has an optimally functioning nerve system to work through. Understanding and utilizing this is the cornerstone of a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Could subluxation be robbing you of your full potential? What is stopping you from getting checked by your chiropractor today?


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