Exciting New Program - Grown For You! 

Grown For You!

We here at Achievement Chiropractic of Park Ridge are proud to announce an exciting new program to help you reach your health goals. We are now renting out pods in our Tower Garden®! For those that don't know, Tower Garden® uses a unique vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home. With the rising cost of food and the increased use of pesticides, the time to start learning about growing your own safe, healthy, and affordable food is now!

About The Program

Pods in our Tower Garden® rent for only $4/month and are currently only available to members of Achievement Chiropractic of Park Ridge. We take care of everything for you from seed to harvest! All you have to do is show up, as you normally do to get adjusted, and pick your fresh produce!

What Can I Grow?

Currently you may choose from romaine lettuce, 3 varieties of heirloom kale (Tuscan, Red Russian, and Broad Leaf), and herbs like basil, parsley, and dill)!

You will enjoy fresh, pesticide free vegetables in a matter of weeks! Pods are VERY limited (only 20!) and will sell out fast so reserve yours today!

Yours in Vibrant Health,

Dr. Steven A. Sciame
Achievement Chiropractic
Park Ridge, Il


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