Control or Discover? 
One of the uniquenesses of chiropractic is the Above-Down-Inside-Out viewpoint. This refers to the understanding that life is an expression of an intelligence that constantly is attempting to keep an organism actively organized. Health is the result of this intelligence successfully adapting you to the environment and maintaining harmony among all of its parts.

It is your job to provide healthy food and a nurturing environment for this intelligence that is running your body. When you fail to do this, the outer limits of your adaptational ability may be exceeded and symptoms occur. This is what usually motivates people to seek out medication or some other form of therapy.

When deciding upon an intervention, instead of the typical route of trying to dominate and control symptoms with drugs/herbs/therapies, ask yourself what this condition is revealing about your life? Seek to discover what aspect of your lifestyle is throwing you past the outer limits of your adaptional ability.

Just asking this question will shift you into a completely different awareness about your life situation. Answering it will bring you completely new results!

Yours in Vibrant Health!

Dr. Steven Sciame
Park Ridge, IL


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