An Important Chiropractic Lesson From Watching My Garden... 
Many of you who have spent time with me know how excited I am about my new tower garden. What you might not expect to hear about is the wonderful chiropractic lesson that was right in front of me the whole time!

Batten Down The Hatches...

With the unpredictable stormy weather, limited sunlight of a northward facing balcony, and an accidental unplugging of the water supply on a 105 degree day, my tower garden has had quite a rough life. Yet despite all of this, the plants are thriving and continue to grow! Day after day they seem to tirelessly continue to adapt and grow until the end of their life.

Where does health come from?

As a chiropractor we know that life is an expression of an inborn intelligence that is working through the organism. In the case of the plants, this intelligence works to keep the plant healthy and growing all the way up to the end of its life. No matter the conditions, the intelligence is constantly working to adapt the plant to the environment attempting to keep it as healthy and productive as possible. Those of you who have watched a garden for any length of time have no doubt seen plants grown and adapt to the most varied of circumstances.

Here is the good news!

The exciting part is that you have this same intelligence working through you too! From your first moment, your innate intelligence has been working to keep you thriving. This intelligence monitors and communicates with all parts of your body through your nervous system. Chiropractors check to make sure that there is no physical tension that is altering the way this system is working (subluxation). When the messages transmitted through your nervous system are altered, your innate intelligence cannot do as good of a job keeping you at your best.

The job of the chiropractor is to check you for and, when needed, provide a gentle adjustment designed to help you reduce subluxation. When this is done, your innate intelligence is then better able to express itself through you.

This is very exciting, because, just like the plant, your innate intelligence is constantly working to keep you as healthy and productive as possible! A better expression of life might mean that you can relate better with your loved ones. It may mean that you perform better in sports or at work. It may mean that you live a longer, healthier, and more vibrant life. Whatever it means for you, consistent chiropractic care leads to exciting changes in your quality of life.

Everyone deserves to live a fully expressed life. It is important to regularly get checked for subluxation, so stop in today. You will be happy that you did!

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