The Two Gifts... 
Over the last decade of taking care of people, I have only begun to realize the importance of chiropractic's two gifts to the world. These are the Above Down Inside Out viewpoint (A.D.I.O.) and the quality of life improvements experienced from regularly getting adjusted.

What is so important about a viewpoint?

The viewpoint or perspective that you observe the world from determines, to a large part, how you experience life. Your viewpoint provides the context from which you interpret the content of the world. This affects the interpretations and conclusions that you make which results in the action steps that you take in your life.

Why would I need a different perspective?

The prevailing viewpoint today is called Outside In Below Upward (O.I.B.U.). O.I.B.U. views life and consciousness as the end result of random chemical reactions and "lucky" genetic mutations. Because of this, life is not viewed as intelligent and therefore any desired change to health or life experience must be induced from the "outside". This leads to advocating the manipulation of body function with drugs, procedures, or other therapies in an attempt to treat disease or symptoms of disease.

The participants in this system are the "all wise and powerful" physician and the "weak and helpless victim" patient. Health is viewed as the absence of invading enemy disease entities and symptoms, so the job of the physician is to cut, burn, or chemically manipulate the the body until it does what the physician or patient wants.

O.I.B.U. action steps are accompanied by many unintended consequences. Many municipal water supplies throughout the world are now contaminated with pharmaceutical drug residues. This means that even people who do not choose to subject themselves to this treatment are still being affected. Complications from the use of drugs and surgery are well documented, but the overlooked day to day effects of O.I.B.U. are easy to miss for those not familiar with this important distinction. O.I.B.U. breeds an irrational fear of germs, a distrust of one's ability to heal, and a general feeling of victim-hood among its participants. How could you ever feel safe if germs, hay fever, and flu were always out to get you and you believed that your body had to be chemically forced to do the right thing?

What is A.D.I.O.?

A.D.I.O. recognizes that intelligence expresses from Above Down Inside Out and that life and health result from the active organization of matter by this intelligence that is continually aiming to express itself better. Simply put, the foundational principle of A.D.I.O. is that life is intelligent!

Since health is the entity in A.D.I.O., efforts are focused on allowing for the best expression of the intelligence within you. Healthy food, proper stress management, healthy amounts of exercise, happy relationships, sleep, and chiropractic adjustments are encouraged.

Since the best doctor is the one that is inside you, the situation that you find yourself in is also viewed from a unique perspective. Instead of trying to control and dominate what is happening, A.D.I.O. teaches you to ask, "What is this revealing to me about my life situation?" The answers to this question lead to positive change and growth. Think: "Discover"; not "Control".

What does this have to do with Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a practical application within the A.D.I.O. viewpoint. The goal of chiropractic is to make sure that your innate intelligence is expressing itself as much as possible via the adjustment of subluxation.

What does this mean for you?

At first glance it might seem that this has no practical application, but, upon closer inspection, you will find that when properly understood this can influence every aspect of your thinking. The recognition that order bespeaks intelligence gives you a new way to view your health, happiness, performance and overall life experience.

One of the most exciting parts of taking care of practice members who learn to apply this is when they themselves discover new solutions and actions steps to solve their own problems. This is especially exciting because these solutions come from within them and are therefore more powerful and useful.

A.D.I.O. will set you on an exciting path of self discovery! Nothing could make me happier than, with this new perspective, to empower you to find your own solutions.

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