Q & A: What can chiropractors cure? 
I am often asked to list the conditions that chiropractic can cure. This questions reveals quite a lot about where the person is coming from. Realizing this, I have to be extra careful of my answer in order to help them arrive an a usable understanding.

Where should I begin?

In order to understand where health comes from, it is helpful to begin by understanding where life comes from. Chiropractic is unique in that it recognizes that life itself is the observable expression of intelligence.
As long as you are alive, you have an innate intelligence that is continually working to keep you at your best.

Since intelligence is the source of life and health, the only cure to any condition is expression of this intelligence through your body. Life is the only thing that cures! This is self-evident when you consider that a corpse cannot heal a broken bone or a scrape on the knee no matter what treatments are used. A corpse has all of the same parts that you do, but innate intelligence is no longer expressing itself through the body (no life).


Chiropractic does not cure any disease or condition. The job of the chiropractor is to locate and correct subluxation for the purpose of allowing for a better life (expression of innate intelligence through you). Not only does this give you a better chance of recovering from any condition, but it also results in more enjoyment and performance in anything you choose to do.

This is important whether or not you have any diagnosed diseases. How can you fulfill your life's purpose with less life expressed? What is stopping you from getting the chiropractic care that you deserve?

-Dr. Steven Sciame

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