Not An Ordinary Walk... 
One of the best things you can do to get most out of your chiropractic experience is to regularly provide your body the motion it needs to keep all the parts working in harmony together. One of the most available ways to do this is to go for long daily walks.

Walking helps because a body that is well adjusted tends to use this motion to realign parts, flush out waste products, and improve circulation.

This is no ordinary walk though! We have become accustomed to believe that it is normal to walk on artificially hard and flat surfaces such as a concrete sidewalk. This leads to less than optimal amounts of motion and "balance challenges" that are available on natural surfaces.

Use it or lose it!

Just as a muscle atrophy's over time when not exercised, your sense of balance and body coordination diminishes if not regularly challenged. If is for this reason that I recommend walking on natural surfaces of changing terrain. Since almost 11% of Cook County is Forest Preserve, most of us in Chicagoland are fortunate enough to live near one. Don't waste this valuable resource! Take some time each day to go for a nice walk to unwind. Better yet, if possible start commuting via foot or bicycle to work. You will be astounded by how much better you feel.

The Devil is in the details...

A key recommendation I make is to utilize the correct footwear. Modern footwear tends to do too much of the work that the foot was designed to do. What direction do you think this moves you on the, "Use it or lose it spectrum?"

I believe that I have derived tremendous benefit from wearing my Vibram's. Plenty can be learned by visiting their website so I will not go into detail here other than to say that I LOVE MY VIBRAM'S! A great local source for these is Dick Pond Athletics of Park Ridge. Their knowledgeable staff can get you fitted and ready to enjoy the benefits of your fitness activities like never before.

I recommend that you walk a couple of miles each day on natural and changing terrain in shoes that simulate being barefoot.

What does this mean for me?

People who follow the above recommendations find that they are more flexible, sleep better, feel younger and have less subluxation. Since I have been walking to work my chiropractor has noticed less subluxation on me! This is expected when someone improves the health of their lifestyle. I am very thankful for this and I wish the same for you. What is stopping you for enjoying the same benefits?

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