...In the snow, up hill, both ways... 
People are often shocked when they find out that I walk to work.

"Why don't you drive?"

The truth is, I am very thankful that I live within a couple of miles of my practice. This is an opportunity for me to get the day started and ended with some healthy activity. Perhaps most importantly, the walk, coupled with high quality chiropractic care, helps me stay less subluxated!

"What will you do in the winter!?"

Trudging through the snow provides even more benefits from the walk, so I wish for snow!

Good Advice...

I often think of a quote from Thomas Jefferson, "Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far."

I think that is good advice! The key word is, "Habituate". It is so easy to skip a workout when the day is over, so get in the routine to walk or ride a bike to your destination. Remember, safety first, so always follow the rules of the road, and wear appropriate safety gear!

If you feel up for making a change, give it a try. You may start to enjoy it as much as I do!

Yours In Vibrant Health,

Dr. Steven A. Sciame
Achievement Chiropractic
Park Ridge, IL

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