This past weekend, I scored a touchdown!! You may be wondering to yourself, "What does this have to do with chiropractic?"

The purpose of chiropractic is to help the body adjust subluxations that are altering the expression of innate intelligence.

Keeping your body well adjusted has a profound anti-aging effect!

I am so thankful that at age 38 I can still outrun many 20-somethings and catch touchdown passes. I have come to understand that staying consistent with my chiropractic care over the years has helped keep me young, healthy and performing at my best, both on and off the field.

See you soon!

Yours in Chiropractic,

Dr. Steven Sciame
Achievement Chiropractic
Park Ridge, IL
(847) 823-9000

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Back To School! 

Prepare Your Family Tor The School Year

The long, lazy days of summer are coming to an end and this is a great time of year to begin thinking about tweaking your health routine for the fall and winter. Here are some important health tips to place at the top of your back to school checklist to help get your children off to the best start.

Adjust To A Schedule Change!

It's common to let kids stay up late during summer, but making sure your children get adequate sleep is one of the single most important things you can do to keep their bodies and minds functioning their best. Transition them back to a schedule closer to what's to come so their bodies have time to adjust. The habit of staying on a regular sleep schedule is one that will reap benefits for life.

Ergonomics Are Important!

Sitting in class all day and long hours of homework can take their toll on the body. Make ergonomic choices like a back-supporting chair and properly placed computer screen, keyboard and mouse. Remember not to overlook the value of a properly fitted, properly weighted backpack. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission reported more than 21,000 back-pack related injuries from sprains and strains to contusions and fractures, in 2003. Some schools no longer allow locker use, which means kids are carrying their bags all day. This can be quite uncomfortable and makes a properly fitted backpack even more important.

Stay Well-Adjusted

Regular chiropractic adjustments are a simple way to improve immunity, correct spinal misalignments and aid the body in optimal function. A safe, natural health measure, routine chiropractic adjustments are an easy way to keep the whole family feeling and performing at their best. Our affordable care and convenient hours make it easy for you and your loved ones to get the chiropractic care that they need to be at their best. Stop on by today!

Give your family every advantage this year, and see the difference a healthy chiropractic lifestyle can make for you and your loved ones.

Looking Forward to Seeing You Soon,

Dr. Steven Sciame
Achievement Chiropractic
Park Ridge, IL

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Great Events! 
In addition to chiropractic, nutrition is another important aspect of health. Eating more fruits and vegetables to get the wide array of nutrients present in them can be a challenge.

In this series of events, I am going to share with you a way to grow an abundance of fresh, healthful fruits and vegetables right at home!

Event Dates:
Tonight at 7:15 pm
Wednesday April 24th @ 6:00 pm
Wednesday May 8th @ 6:00 pm

Call 847-823-9000 to RSVP!


Dr. Steven Sciame

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How Long Do You Want Your Children To Remain Subluxated? 
If vertebral Subluxation limits not only your overall health expression, but also your potential to enjoy and benefit from every aspect of your life, then how long would you like to remain subluxated?

How long do you think we should leave your children subluxated?

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...In the snow, up hill, both ways... 
People are often shocked when they find out that I walk to work.

"Why don't you drive?"

The truth is, I am very thankful that I live within a couple of miles of my practice. This is an opportunity for me to get the day started and ended with some healthy activity. Perhaps most importantly, the walk, coupled with high quality chiropractic care, helps me stay less subluxated!

"What will you do in the winter!?"

Trudging through the snow provides even more benefits from the walk, so I wish for snow!

Good Advice...

I often think of a quote from Thomas Jefferson, "Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far."

I think that is good advice! The key word is, "Habituate". It is so easy to skip a workout when the day is over, so get in the routine to walk or ride a bike to your destination. Remember, safety first, so always follow the rules of the road, and wear appropriate safety gear!

If you feel up for making a change, give it a try. You may start to enjoy it as much as I do!

Yours In Vibrant Health,

Dr. Steven A. Sciame
Achievement Chiropractic
Park Ridge, IL

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