Stay Balanced This Holiday Season! 
One of the most important and overlooked ways to keep yourself better balanced during the Holiday Season is to stay well adjusted! Since subluxation anchors your nervous system into old patterns and limits the range of change you are able to handle, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed and not enjoying the time. Chiropractic adjustments help you let go of this anchor which empowers you to more thoroughly savor this special time of year.

While regular chiropractic care can help you stay happy, healthy, and performing at your best throughout the year, many find the care especially beneficial during the Holidays. Make sure you get in this week for a tune-up so you can get the most out of this Holiday Season!

You can get adjusted until noon Saturday, after which I will be closing the office until January 2 at 7am. I hope to see you soon!


Dr. Steven Sciame
Achievement Chiropractic
Park Ridge, IL

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Help Raise Money For Hurricane Sandy Victims By Attending Zumbathon!! 

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Special Event!! 
Are you aware of how

Healthy Bacteria

protects your health?

Do you ever:

Experience chronic stress?
Have an addictive feeling toward sweets?
Eat processed foods?
Take antibiotics?
Struggle with Candida or C-diff?
Experience constipation or diarrhea?
Get frequent colds or flu?
Have allergies?

If you answered yes any of the above questions, it is very likely that you need to better support the healthy bacteria in your body. What you may not know is that sauerkraut can help you do this!

You absolutely cannot miss this opportunity to attend

Dr. Steven Sciame's Homemade Sauerkraut Class

Not only will you learn how this tasty miracle food can help restore health for you and your family, but you will also learn how to ferment your own kraut at home!

Join us on: Wednesday 12/05/2012 @ 6:30
Location: Achievement Chiropractic
Cost: Free for active clients

711 W. Devon Avenue, Suite 202
Park Ridge, IL 60068
R.S.V.P. A.S.A.P. (847) 823-9000 as space is limited.

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Getting your subluxations adjusted is a great way to unwind from the week and get the most out of your weekend. Stop in today between 9 and noon for a gentle, precise, and life enhancing Tonal Chiropractic adjustment.

-Dr. Steven Sciame
Park Ridge, IL

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"Doctored" The Movie Free Screening 


Doors open at 7pm. Movie starts at 7:45pm. Q&A session with Jeff Hays (producer of DOCTORED) immediately following the movie!

The theater is located at:
Studio Movie Grill
301 Rice Lake Square
Wheaton, Illinois 60189

Food & Drinks: The theater is also a restaurant, so to support the theater, we encourage you to buy dinner & buy drinks at the theater. You can eat dinner & have drinks DURING the movie. How cool is that! Best to arrive around 7pm to get your drink & food orders in before the movie starts.

My Plans:

I will be closing 15 minutes earlier on Thursday October 18th in order to arrive on time. This should be a great event to raise awareness of and help identify the culture of illness that we are immersed in.

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