Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Achievement Chiropractic

Empowering People To Get More Out Of Life

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Park Ridge, IL 60068
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to common questions.

Q: What conditions do you treat?

A: A better question would be for you to ask yourself, "What would my state of health be if every cell and system in my body was working together in harmony the way nature intended?" What if you regularly got enough sleep, ate nutritious foods, exercised, and managed stress properly? Chiropractic is designed to help you in two main ways. One being the adjustment which helps your body work in better harmony, and the other is empowering you to make healthier lifestyle choices by teaching you a unique chiropractic Above-Down-Inside-Out (ADIO) perspective.

Chiropractic is not a treatment or cure for any disease, syndrome or medical condition. What you focus on grows in your experience. There are already plenty of practitioners focusing on disease. Tonal Chiropractic focuses on empowering you to experience more vibrant health. The power to heal from any disease is already inside you, but the real gift of Tonal Chiropractic is in helping you express a more vibrant life whether you have a diagnosed medical disease or not. This enhanced expression can lead to improvements in your overall quality of life, performance ability and happiness.


Q: How often do I need to come?

A: Many factors affect the frequency of care needed. These include stress levels, physical activity, nutritional status, attitude, and response to care. We work to help you reach your goals as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


Q: How long do I have to continue coming to the office?

A: The better question is: How long do I get to continue? People are free to continue as long as they are courteous, punctual, and remain in the good favor of the doctor.

It is important to remember that it is a privledge to be a client here, not a right! The doctor reserves the right to release you from care at any time.


Q: How much does the care cost?

A: Since the real gift of chiropractic is best experienced as a lifestyle choice, we have a unique fee system to help you fit the care into your budget.

The first visit, which includes a consultation and initial adjustment, is $29.

Membership plans start at $79/month. These plans include up to 4 adjustments within a month's period and auto-debits are required for your convenience. If needed, additional adjustments within the month's period are $19 each.

For non-members, chiropractic adjustments are $45 per visit.


Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: One of the uniquenesses of this practice is that you are free to arrive anytime during our hours! No appointments are necessary, and walk-ins are welcome if you download the New Client Forms!

Tuesday & Thursday  12 - 7
Wednesday & Friday 7 - 2
Saturday By Appt.


Q: Will you take my insurance?

A: The good news is that most people find our fee to be much less than their insurance co-pay! Insurance is based on the concept of medical necessity. This means that only services determined to be reasonable and necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of illness or injury are reimbursable. Since there are no insurance codes for enhanced quality of life, the work we do here is considered wellness and would therefore not be insurance reimbursable.


Q: How long is the adjustment?

A: People are usually in and out of the office in about 15 minutes. Sometimes; however, more time is required depending on a client's individual needs. Each client is given all the necessary time to complete the adjustment session.


Q: Does it hurt?

A: Not at all. In fact this is one of the gentlest forms of chiropractic available. There is never any cracking, popping, twisting, forcing or abrupt maneuvers.


Q: How does such a gentle contact do anything?

A: The reason that you are compelled to ask such a question is because you have become accustomed to procedures that are designed to overpower the body in one way or another. Tonal Chiropractic is different! We help you by working with your body rather than against it. We look for areas that are open and receptive for input, and, when found, a gentle contact is enough to give your body the input it needs to start releasing tension on its own. As this tension dissipates, the function and structure of your body optimizes by using the energy of your own movement and breathing.


Q: Can I get adjusted if I am pregnant?

A: Yes. In fact this care is especially suited for pregnant women because of how gentle it is.


Q: Can a baby, a child or an elderly person get adjusted?

A: Absolutely. This care is safe and effective for all ages.


Q: Do I need to disrobe for the adjustment?

A: We are able to assess and adjust you while you are fully clothed.