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Stress can be subdivided into a number of categories, the most commonly recognized ones being physical, chemical, and emotional stress. When stress is handled properly, an individual accurately perceives, adapts to, learns from, and recovers from the stressful event. This is a normal part of life and is actually a healthy experience!

Problems occur when stress is not handled properly. If a stressful event is not fully recovered from, your body is partially locked into the old pattern of response that occured during the event. This alters perception, limits your ability to adapt to life's challenges, and anchors you into inappropriate function. This anchored state of inappropriate function (chiropractors call subluxation) not only reduces your overall health potential, but affects your performance and ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

The practice of chiropractic is focused on helping you reduce subluxation (a state of persistently altered structure and function of your body) which results in a better life experience.