Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Achievement Chiropractic

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Why Chiropractic?

Regular chiropractic care enhances the quality of your life. Part of the miracle of being alive is having an innate intelligence that constantly monitors your needs, and adapts you to the environment by controlling and coordinating the functions of your body. It does this by using the body's internal communication network (nervous system) to keep the body functioning in harmony.

When your communication network is functioning optimally, you have the best chance to be happy and healthy, but, when needed, gentle chiropractic adjustments help you return to your best by cueing your body to let go of old stuck patterns so you may return to harmony.


Why Tonal Chiropractic?

Tonal Chiropractic refers to a refined and very gentle model of chiropractic that is focused on giving you the most precise and least invasive adjustment possible. This is important for two main reasons. The first being that since minimal force is used to adjust you, your body learns to do more with less and does not become dependent on a large outside force to stay in developmental growth. The second gift of Tonal Chiropractic is that adjustments are given in such a way that you do not plateau. A multi-center study conducted at UC-Berkley demonstrated that people noticed more improvements in their quality of life the longer they were under care and there was no ceiling to benefits! This means that the longer you choose to receive this care, the more benefits you will notice in your life.

Since I was fortunate enough to attend Logan College of Chiropractic, very early on in my studies I was introduced to a gentle force chiropractic technique called Logan Basic. As you can imagine, seeing such amazing changes happen with very little force made quite an impression on me. Exposure to this model of chiropractic solidified the concept that if the chiropractor is in the right place at the right time and assisting the client in the right way, not a lot of input is needed to help correct subluxation! Seeing this caused me to dedicate myself to learning how to deliver high quality chiropractic care in what I believe to be the most precise and gentle way possible.